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Fleet Feet Agility

Bonnie GoodfriendIn 1996, Bonnie Goodfriend opened the doors to Fleet Feet Agility Center offering classes for all levels of agility enthusiasts, from first time beginner through dedicated competitor. Dog agility is rapidly becoming the most popular dog activity in the world and Fleet Feet Agility Center offers an ideal environment in which to learn this exciting new sport.

Located in Acton, just outside the Antelope Valley, in Southern California, Fleet Feet Agility Center welcomes all dogs to participate in its classes. Dogs and handlers train on regulation equipment, in small, ongoing classes and progress at their own speed. This allows dogs that are motivated and quick to learn the freedom to move up through the levels rapidly while, at the same time, not pushing a dog or handler to advance before they are ready. In addition to learning how to perform the agility equipment, dogs learn proper social behavior in group classes, basic obedience and how to work under the direction of their handler. The handlers learn how to build a solid working relationship with their dog partners, to communicate effectively, to evaluate courses and direct their dogs through a course and receive all the information they need to enter their first agility trial.

When the dogs and handlers from Fleet Feet Agility Center begin to compete they are confident, prepared and enjoy the success and achievement that comes from patience and hard work. Although the emphasis is on eventually testing one's skills in the trial arena, competition is not mandatory. Some people come to agility classes simply to have fun with their dogs and enjoy the company of other dog lovers. Others come to work on a dog's behavior problems or build confidence. And, yes, there are those that come to agility classes with dreams of ribbons and titles; fueled by the desire to take their dog to the top. We'll help you and your dog achieve your goals at Fleet Feet Agility Center.

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